If it’s Mission-Critical, Chenega MIOS is There.

Chenega MIOS is proud to serve our military and employ our veterans. We know our veterans have gained many skills while serving that make them excellent candidates for employment.

We want to give back to those who have given so much to our country. We have several free resources available for our veterans to help with their job search.

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Advice for Transitioning Veterans

5 Resume Writing Tips

  1. Re-write your skills and qualifications. When writing your skills and experiences, tailor the words and phrases to the position you are going after. Focus on the skills and training you received that you would use on the job and less on the daily mechanics and functions of your positions in the military.
  2. Explain Military Terms. The people looking at your resume are civilians and might not be familiar with any military acronyms or terms. Using too many military terms and acronyms may make it difficult for a civilian to read and understand.
  3. Display your accomplishments and education. The education you received from school, colleges, and other classes is very important and shows you have the knowledge to execute the job. Your accomplishments like awards, promotions, and other kudos show you have the ability to execute the job well.
  4. Choose a style that highlights your best skills and accomplishments. There are several different styles of resumes, including chronological, functional, and a combination of the two.
  5. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread! The first thing a prospective employer sees or knows about you is the resume we receive. A resume with errors can imply that the work you perform will be performed with errors as well.

Want More Resume Tips?

Here are other sources to help you in writing a civilian resume.

Resume Resources

Military Skills Translator

Example Resumes

Resume Review

We are happy to review any veteran’s resume and offer feedback and advice. We are providing this service for free as a way to give back to our veterans. Please fill out the form below, and we will reach out to you within two weeks.


Chenega MIOS works with the military through the DoD SkillBridge program to give service members internships that help jump-start their next career. These internships provide during the last 180 days of service and can lead to full-time employment. Visit the SkillBridge website for more information and to sign up for the program .

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