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Job Information

Chenega Corporation Senior Acquisition Logistics Support Analyst in Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio


The Senior Acquisition Logistics Support Analyst will provide product support to the PM and Product Support Manager (PSM) for the execution of the PSM’s duties as the Total Life Cycle Systems Manager. In addition, the contractor shall assist in planning, organizing, and managing critical aspects of the development, production, and/or deployment of capabilities utilizing DoD, US Air Force, and local logistics policies, procedures, functionalities, and financial data requirements of acquisition logistics.



  • Document Preparation

  • Assist in reviewing and making recommendations on revisions of all Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSPs), CDRLs, inputs to Program Management Plans (PMPs), replies to Initial Capability Document (ICD)/Capability Development Document (CDD)/Capability Production Document (CPD), Statements of Work (SOWs), and other evaluation criteria/reports

  • Meeting Support

  • Provide support for program reviews, conferences, and other functions

  • Provide status and decision information on assigned programs and projects

  • Requirements Support

  • Assist in the following:

  • Developing integrated support requirements for system and equipment design

  • Developing support requirements that are related to readiness objectives and design

  • Conducting specialized analyses on total life cycle cost, logistics supportability, and warranty

  • Providing technical assistance and consultant expertise

  • Total Life Cycle Supportability

  • Assist in performing tasks related to the total life cycle supportability from concept definition and technical demonstration through disposal, including assisting in the full range of logistics actions required to analyze problems, defining alternative solutions, providing recommended courses of action, and providing written reports

  • Studies and Analysis

  • Assist in performing logistic studies, resource requirements analyses (manpower, spares, cost, etc.), readiness assessments, cost analyses, including trade studies, total life cycle supportability, and comparative logistics/cost trade-offs of specific problems or areas of emphasis

  • Life Cycle Logistics Management (LCLM)

  • Assist in accomplishing LCLM analyses, including assisting in writing reports, recommending actions, or performing any related tasks that provide logisticians the capability to accomplish LCLM

  • Product Support Strategy

  • Assist in accomplishing analyses, writing reports, recommending actions, or performing any related tasks that provide logisticians the capability to develop a product support strategy that builds around the Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)/Product Support and sustainment elements and integrates the acquisition and sustainment phases of the weapon system throughout its life cycle, based on statutes and DoD-directed concepts, including evolutionary acquisition with a spiral development, Performance-Based Logistics (PBL), and Public Private Partnering

  • Provide support in the following areas:

  • Recommending program strategy, including logistics impacts and incorporating PBL and public private partnering tenets where feasible

  • Monitoring performance goals, parameters, and exit criteria

  • Developing, advising, and assessing the performance of work done at the depot or contractor locations and partnering agreements

  • Assisting in the review of logistics support elements and other logistics related efforts

  • Identifying and monitoring Mission Partner support and field assessment requirements

  • Supportability Analysis (SA)

  • Assist in the performance of any related tasks that provide the capability to evaluate support alternatives, perform trade-off analyses between support concepts and between support, design, and operational concepts.

  • Provide support in the following areas:

  • Developing pre and post award documentation for Total Life Cycle Logistics (TLCL) support

  • Identifying supportability requirements for support equipment and training devices

  • Evaluating SA studies/plans and recommending changes, improvements, or follow-on efforts

  • Evaluating the structure and data quality of the logistics support data base

  • Accessing and consolidating engineering and logistics data necessary to identify the detailed logistics support requirements monitoring SA progress

  • Logistics Management Information (LMS)

  • Assist in evaluating deliverable data products and summaries

  • Life Cycle Cost Management (LCCM)

  • Assist in performing any related tasks that provide logisticians the capability to perform all processes, procedures, and techniques necessary to develop an LCCM and/or DTC program, perform operating and support cost analyses, and/or develop a probable cost estimate

  • Provide support in the following areas:

  • Evaluating LCCM and DTC plans, trade, studies, and proposals

  • Assisting in the assessment of impacts from proposed modifications on LCC

  • Performing studies, including cost benefit analysis, business case analysis, trade studies, logistics supportability studies, cost of operational effectiveness analysis, level of repair analysis, organic versus Contractor cost assessment, and annual estimate

  • Evaluating and validating analyses methodologies or models

  • Instructional Systems Development

  • Utilizing the Instructional Systems Development method to develop training programs for subject areas


  • Daily Operations

  • Perform various tasks related to the planning, development, implementation and management of a comprehensive, affordable, and effective systems support strategy

  • Have an understanding of the Air Force’s 12 Product Support Elements (see Product Support Manager’s Guidebook)

  • Provide support with the Transportation Plan development and the Defense Transportation System process

  • Life Cycle Management

  • Assist with the planning, managing, and coordination of life-cycle logistics support for a major weapon system or subsystem

  • Assist with the planning, managing, and coordinating the total cradle-to-grave life cycle logistics support for assigned systems or subsystems, integrating separate functions of supply, maintenance, procurement, and quality assurance into logistics activities required to sustain the system fielding

  • Assist with monitoring functional and organization compliance with milestones and performance criteria

  • Assist in the coordination and integration of taskings

  • Aid in the continuous evaluation of the status and effectiveness of program support in all functional areas to ensure support plans and time phased schedules

  • Aid in the identification of conflicting objectives and priorities, analyze deficiencies, and provide recommendations to assist with schedule risk assessments

  • Assist with developing conclusions and providing recommendations on any impending issues and/or potential mitigations

  • Review program documents and assist in the assessment of the effects of external actions and conflicting priorities to determine their impacts on the program’s development, production, and integrated logistics support

  • Assist in obtaining agreement on required actions, schedules, and the resolution of conflicts concerning program and/or policy matters

  • Logistics Policy and Guidance

  • Have a working knowledge of logistics policy and guidance, including Title 10 United States Code Section 2466, Limitations on the Performance of Depot-Level Maintenance of Materiel, as amended by the National Defense Authorization Acts (NDAAs); applicable Air Force Systems

  • Have an understanding of the theories and principles of ILS planning, development, and execution sufficient to coordinate and integrate functions into a total, well structured, and viable program

  • Have an understanding of system life cycle concepts and design as they apply to system research, development, and acquisitioShall have a working understanding of contractual processes, procedures, and technical requirements

  • Assist in the planning, analyzing, and coordination of a system’s, or a portion of a major system’s, acquisition and transfer into operational, including the following tasks:

  • Assisting in the identification and correlation of specific requirements for money, manpower, material, facilities, and services needed to support the program

  • Assisting in the development and analysis of data to determine logistics objectives and goals

  • Assisting in the identification of support requirements, including funding, contract development, and other technical support requirements

  • Assisting in the establishment of relationships between participants involved in deploying the plan

  • Logistics and Maintainability Support

  • Have a working knowledge of logistics and maintainability programs, including but not be limited to, technical evaluation and identification of weapon systems logistics requirements and resources

  • Assist in the development of logistics support and maintainability programs or plans as well as systems acquisition requirements analysis

  • Have an understanding of budgetary or financial analysis and control and lifecycle cost analysis and control

  • Have an understanding of Automated Information System (AIS) hardware and software standardization and compatibility, Product Support; Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Cost (RAM-C), program test and evaluation, planning and execution, and Product Support/RAM-C analysis and assessments in supportability planning

  • Assist in the collection, compilation, analysis, investigation, research, and/or application of logistics, maintenance, acquisition, or financial data and information

  • Assist in the development, modification, preparation, or validation of documentation in relation to automated logistics or maintenance data reporting systems and management information systems

  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

  • Assist in the management, monitoring, evaluation, and coordination of ILS implementation

  • Assist in the management and monitoring of acquisition projects throughout their execution

  • Assist in the monitoring of functional and supporting organization compliance with milestones and performance criteria

  • Assist in the coordination and integration of taskings needed for execution from different functional organizations

  • Assist in the continuous evaluation of the status and effectiveness of program support in all functional areas to ensure support plans and time-phased schedules are followed

  • Assist in the identification of conflicting objectives and priorities, analyze deficiencies, and advise the USG of actions needed to ensure projects are kept on course

  • Assist in gathering facts, developing conclusions and providing recommendations for any matter having a significant impact on solutions

  • Other duties as assigned


  • Master’s degree and 10+ years of experience OR

  • Bachelor’s degree and 12+ years of experience OR

  • 15+ years of directly related experience

  • Secret clearance required

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to work independently and yet be effective within a team setting

  • Must be capable of managing multiple efforts with time related constraints in a fast-paced contracting environment

  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with diverse internal and external stakeholder groups and individuals

  • Friendly presence, helpful attitude, good interpersonal skills, and ability to work well with others

  • Excellent skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Office applications

  • Experience working in a home office setting

  • Ability to train end users on frequently asked technical issues

  • Ability to provide technical assistance and support over the phone with good phone skills and a professional demeanor

  • Previous customer service experience strongly desired

  • Good problem-solving skills with the ability to visualize a problem or situation and think abstractly to solve it